CSBA’s Board Self–Evaluation Survey

One of the primary ways a governance team can strengthen or maintain its effectiveness is to periodically assess its own performance. CSBA’s board self–evaluation provides the opportunity to step back and reflect on how well a board is meeting its responsibilities and provides the board and superintendent with valuable perception data, revealing the range of perceptions among board members regarding the performance of the board and the governance team.

Why do school boards evaluate themselves?
CSBA believes the board self-evaluation can strengthen board performance and lead to improved district performance and greater community confidence in the board and the district. Board self-evaluation is an important responsibility for the board for three reasons:
  1. School boards evaluate themselves to demonstrate that districts leadership is committed to continuous learning at every level. To do this, districts must invest in the professional development of every adult in the system, including the district’s governing board.
  2. School boards evaluate themselves to create a culture of using feedback to get better. If districts need to be data-driven, so do boards. By conducting the self-evaluation, boards help create the culture that makes it safe to reflect on performance in order to improve it.
  3. School boards evaluate themselves to demonstrate accountability to the community that elected them. As an elected entity, the board has an obligation to report back to the community on how well the board is performing in its service to the students and the district that serves them.

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